We were not sure whether a single person armed just with string could hold an audience of 250 people.  Anne did so. There were points of complete silence as she held the kids spellbound with her great stories. Fantastic experience for the students and today, I have seen at least 5 different groups of kids on the playground playing cat’s cradle and otherwise trying out telling stories with string.

Thanks so much for the opportunity.

Kerry Mahlman

Principal, Cedar Grove Elementary, Gibsons, BC

Thanks so much Anne, the students were coming up to me all day today (and staff too) showing what they could do with the string!!  You definitely had a positive impact!!  We loved having you!!

Cathy McCubbin

Principal, Kinnikinnick School, Sechelt

Thank you for an outstanding experience for our school! Your skill as teacher/performer/story teller held the students spellbound, with a great message for students of all levels.  We hope that you can come to our school again – well done!

Dave Hunt

Principal, SD 46, Sunshine Coast BC

Your presentation was great!!  I liked the part when Annie wanted her mother to have a baby elephant. You must have a great imagination!


Eagle View Elementary, Victoria, BC

Dear Anne,

My daughter was treated to seeing you perform for a second time last week at Gordon Head School. In Grade 5, she is just learning French for the first time, but she was able to retell your story about Fan-Fan at bedtime with incredible detail – the one you told all in French. She has been talking about you non-stop and even sleeps with her string now! She found your web-site and played the sound clips for us – now my daughter in Grade 3 listens to you on-line several times a day!

Bravo and thank you!

Jo Rippin

Parent, Victoria, BC

Thank you for sharing your enthusiasm and storytelling with our kids! All the students were engaged listening to your stories from Mexico, India and your personal story of your humourous challenges with your little brother — stories that all kids can identify with! I love your indirect teaching of having empathy for a younger brother or sister.

You were engaging and you held everyone’s attention – kindergarten to grade 7 – during the entire presentation. I love the integration of social studies, language, social responsibility and more. The presentation is a great impetus for story-telling, writing, art, and of course, all kids will be learning “the art of string”! Thank you for this wonderful opportunity for our kids!

Ann K. Chow

Teacher, Langdale Elementary School, BC

Outstanding performance!

Ray Clayton

Principal, West Sechelt Elementary School

Hello Anne, I’m a student at Philomath Middle School and I would just like to say thanks for coming to our school. You were hilarious, I especially liked the story about the alligator and monkeys. I also liked how you had the string tricks tied in with your story.

Marshal Long

Philomath Middle School, Oregon

Your show was awesome. You are cool. I think that you should keep doing what you do till you can’t anymore.


Greenglade Elementary, Saanich, BC

I loved your show! If I had too say how meny nombrs it wood haf to be 2000!!!

Owen L.

Keating Elementary School, Saanich, BC