School shows

“Profound in simplicity.”

With one simple prop – a loop of string – Anne holds her audience breathless as she deftly brings them into her stories, creating characters out of thin air. She intertwines multicultural tales with string figures from indigenous cultures around the globe. Anne highlights diversity, cooperation, and the life lessons embedded in both the stories and the strings. Her mischievous wit makes this show richly engaging for all ages.


“I have never seen a show that held the entire school spellbound for a whole hour the way you did. It was wonderful! The mix of English and French was perfect! Thank you!” -Carol Johnston, Principal, Centennial Park Elementary School, Abbotsford B.C.

“It was great to see you perform again. When I first saw your work 13 years ago, I was a new teacher struggling with how to get “content” across to my students in a way that they would understand and retain. It was seeing your work that made me realize teaching is not about content, it’s about relationship. This has had a profound effect on my teaching these many years. I hope many others have the opportunity to be enriched by your inspiring work.”
– J. Chappelle, Vancouver Island

“What a joyous tangle of strings you left us all in! The students are still ‘wrapped up’ in it all, teaching each other, creating, studying new shapes. Just as you predicted, playground problems have decreased significantly. Thank you!” –School principal, Oregon

“We loved you! Your performances are fabulous – you have so many talents. It is inspirational to see you follow your path and realize that we can all join in. Learning becomes just a little bit easier, and life is filled with more laughter!” -Wendy Lambert, Chemainus Community School

Also available: Artist in Residence Programs (Please inquire.)

Family Shows

“Irresistible! Magical! Hilarious!”

Anne Glover’s engrossing and hilarious stories feature mind-bending string figures that she weaves out of a loop of string. A turtle, a snake, a bird, a rocket… is there anything she can’t make??   You’ve never heard a story told like this, and a simple shoelace will never look the same! This international performer wows audiences wherever she goes. Don’t miss her!!


“A highly skilled and dynamic performer who teaches creative thought, inspires children to imagine that they are capable of creating magic in their own lives.”
– Pamela McKeown, Surrey Children’s Festival

“You were funny. You were so funny I could not breathe because you were so funny.” – Student, Langley BC

 “I think I laughed even more than my kids did!” -Parent, Kelowna BC Arts Festival

Workshops for teachers, librarians, storytellers

String Stories: Why Knot!!

Anne performs and teaches string stories full-time, across the continent. You’ll learn material you can use right away – no strings attached and no dexterity required! She’ll also set you up for learning more complex figures. Hands-on, action-packed, fun and funny. Your shoelaces will never look the same!

Workshops can be tailored to suit a group’s needs.  Some popular offerings include: Super Simple String Stories (for librarians, storytellers, parents); String Stories Across the Curriculum (for Elementary School Teachers).


“Anne Glover’s workshop and performance was so good that she has become a favorite at Oregon libraries and will be performing down here again this summer. I can unequivocally recommend her for any educator/librarian continuing education program. Once you know how to use the strings, your storytime will become even more fun and popular.” -Rebecca Cohen, Newport Oregon

“Anne, You’ve inspired me. I’m taking my string into the class tomorrow and it will be part of every lesson I teach. I can’t wait!” – Teacher, BCATML conference

“Your presentation really fired me up and now I’m beginning to teach the students who come and see me in Learning Assistance. I am hooked – and my students are getting hooked too! (I am trying to stay one or two string figures ahead of them they are so hungry to learn). One group of grade 4 students are really keen. They read to Aboriginal Kindergarten students and I am hoping they will be able to share some of the string figures with them. I can see so much potential for creative play, inventing stories and community building. Thank you!”Carolyn Armitstead, Mission BC

Adult Shows

Anne Glover  tells hilarious and moving renditions of traditional folk tales, intertwined with stories of two fascinating decades on the road as a professional storyteller.  She ties it all together with mind-bending string figures, forays into other languages, and a delicious comedic sense of balance. This BC-based performer plies her mischief and her magic around the world, and looks forward to making trouble wherever she goes!

adult shows

“Anne Glover is a storyteller whose genius lies in facial expression and voice, posture and gesture, and the visceral, non-verbal sounds of human and animal alike. She transforms herself -utterly, convincingly – into each of the characters in her stories. […] Anne’s tales, from across the globe and from her own life, are meaningful and very funny at once. Her presence and her stories linger long after the performance.” – Tom Ryan Corvallis, Oregon

Dance Calling

Community dance; barn dance; weddings; parties; festivals

Anne leads dances for community events. She specializes in dances for beginners and groups of mixed ages. A great way to wrap up a festival, celebrate a special moment, or just bring people together for joyous community-making.

Leading French Canadian Dance in Japan


Bilingual / En français


“Merci Anne pour le magnifique spectacle d’hier!  Les enseignants m’ont envoyé des courriels toute la journée pour me dire comment elles (et leurs élèves) ont aimé ton spectacle. Encore une fois…..MERCI!” – Louise Jenkins, B.G.S, M.Ed;  Langues Vivantes, Abbotsford BC

Artiste de renommée internationale, Anne a un talent pour la communication et réussit à toucher son public au Japon, à Hawaï, dans les grandes villes et les petits villages, en français comme en anglais. Elle raconte des histoires en se servant d’une simple boucle de ficelle. La Tour Eiffel, une tortue, un chien qui court entre ses deux mains…  apparemment il n’y a rien qu’elle ne peut pas faire en ficelle!  Les participants de ses ateliers apprennent des jeux de ficelle que tout le monde peut maîtriser – même ceux qui se croient trop maladroits!!

Anne présente son spectacle de contes et de ficelles dans les écoles à travers le Canada, au Japon et aux États Unis, ainsi que dans les Festivals  Internationaux pour enfants, et les festivals francophones.  De 2010 à 2013, Anne a enseigné dans le programme d’immersion française pour approfondir ses connaissances de l’enfance et de l’éducation.

Spectacles pour écoles
Anne offre un programme qui connaît un grand succès dans les écoles. Ses histoires traditionnelles et originales, ainsi que sa manière sur scène, communiquent un grand respect pour tous, présenté avec une joie contagieuse et un grand sens de l’humour. Les enfants sont inspirés à lire et à inventer leurs propres histoires. De plus, les jeux de ficelle se répandent comme une trainée de poudre dans l’école, tissant des liens entre tous les âges et un nouveau sens de communauté.

Ateliers pour les professeurs
Anne Glover est une animatrice engageante et inspirante, avec de nombreuses années d’expérience sur scène et dans la salle de classe. Les jeux de ficelle (“Cat’s cradle”) sont le point de départ pour une variété d’activités qui développent l’expression orale et écrite.  Les enfants sont fascinés par les jeux et embarquent sans hésitation. Les professeurs peuvent facilement maîtriser suffisemment de figures pour mener des exercises de français, de sciences humaines, et autres.

“Tu as une si belle approche! Je te félicite sur ton talent, ta créativité, ta patience, ta douceur, ton excellent français et ta très belle énergie.” – Diane Bergeret, École Keating Elementary School, Saanich BC

“Des contes… des cordes…! À ne pas manquer!!

“Merci encore mille fois de votre spectacle qui a vraiment captivé notre auditoire. Les élèves ont vraiment bien compris vos contes et vos explications sur les ficelles.” – Colette Richardson, Roosevelt Middle School, Eugene Oregon