From Tofino to Tokyo, Hazelton to Honolulu, Anne enthralls audiences with a unique storytelling style and unforgettable string figures.  Anne has returned to touring in Canada after five years of studies, classroom teaching, and touring Japan, the USA, and Hawaii.

Programs Available in English or French

This was fun!

Anne was at Vancouver Children’s Festival, May 26-28 2015!

Anne was one of the performers at the 38th annual Vancouver International Children’s Festival. What fun!  Michel Lauzière (Quebec), Manxmouse (Netherlands), Les Parfaits Inconnus (Quebec), Terrapin Puppet Theatre (Australia), and many more!



What a season it’s been!

2014-15 was Anne’s first year back on the BC touring circuit after a five-year hiatus. She had so many bookings she gave up her home base for the year and bought a car, trading in her car-free status for a new experiment in living “home-free.”  From September to June she toured BC, Alberta, and Japan; drove 22,000 km; did 150 shows for about 40,000 people; and “moved” 59 times.  Anne’s warm wit and versatility, her ability to engage her audience on many levels, and a fierce commitment to narrative and simplicity keep her in high demand.  To see some amazing scenery and follow her life on the road, check out Anne’s tour blog.


School Shows »

With one simple prop – a loop of string – Anne holds her audience breathless as she deftly brings them into her stories, creating characters out of thin air. She intertwines multicultural tales with string figures from indigenous cultures around the globe. Anne highlights diversity, cooperation, and the life lessons embedded in both the stories and the strings. Her mischievous wit makes this show richly engaging for all ages.

Family Shows »

Anne Glover’s engrossing and hilarious stories feature mind-bending string figures that she weaves out of a loop of string. A turtle, a snake, a bird, a rocket… is there anything she can’t make??   You’ve never heard a story told like this, and a simple shoelace will never look the same! This international performer wows audiences wherever she goes. Don’t miss her!!

Workshops »

for teachers, librarians, storytellers

Anne performs and teaches string stories full-time, across the continent. You’ll learn material you can use right away – no strings attached and no dexterity required! She’ll also set you up for learning more complex figures. Hands-on, action-packed, fun and funny. Your shoelaces will never look the same!

Shows for Adults »

Anne Glover  tells hilarious and moving renditions of traditional folk tales, intertwined with stories of two fascinating decades on the road as a professional storyteller.  She ties it all together with mind-bending string figures, forays into other languages, and a delicious comedic sense of balance. This BC-based performer plies her mischief and her magic around the world, and looks forward to making trouble wherever she goes!

Dance Calling »

Community dance, barn dance, weddings, parties, & festivals.

For community gatherings, there’s nothing like an old-time dance! Anne calls dances for novice dancers of all ages, in English and French. Easy, fun dances are taught on the spot to a live band or recorded music.


Bilingual / En Français »

Artiste de renommée internationale, Anne a un talent pour la communication et réussit à toucher son public au Japon, à Hawaï, dans les grandes villes et les petits villages, en français comme en anglais. Elle raconte des histoires en se servant d’une simple boucle de ficelle. La Tour Eiffel, une tortue, un chien qui court entre ses deux mains…  apparemment il n’y a rien qu’elle ne peut pas faire en ficelle!


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