I should preface this post with the warning that it really is about clothes. On tour.  Because after 57 days on the road (and counting), I suddenly have a couple of days to think about something other than driving and doing shows. And being here in a busy city, surrounded by coy and clever and seductive shops, what do I think about? Clothes!! That is when I realize that I am still wearing the same things I wore all the way through the tour (don’t worry – I’ve been doing laundry)-  and I’m not the tiniest bit tired of them.

Here is the list: jeans, a t-shirt, and five garments from Movement, a Vancouver-based company that makes comfortable, versatile clothes with natural fibres. What amazed me over the last 8 weeks was how those five pieces gave me a seemingly infinite variety of outfits. I went into the shop today to sing their praises and they took a couple of pictures, for the record.

Anne's outfit 2 from FB

I wore their black tunic for my shows, over jeans. Because the pockets are at the sides, it can be worn frontwards or backwards, giving two different necklines. It can also be layered over the reversible skirt/dress, which can be dressed up (black side) or dressed down (colour side). Since it’s reversible, a little fold at the top edge creates a line of contrasting colour. Endless possibilities!

Then there are the two little wrap-jackets. They can be crossed in front and tied in the back, or worn open as a jacket. But the most fun came with having two, in different colours. Halfway through the tour, I discovered that by wearing them inside-surface-to-inside-surface, they create one very handy and cozy reversible garment. Roll up the sleeves an inch for a bit of accent and voilà! You’re ready for another story!

Anne's outfit 1 from FB