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I did my final shows in Alberta on the 23rd and have been driving since then. In the Rockies, along the Icefields Parkway, I saw Big-horned sheep and a black bear. Heading west from Jasper I encountered a sudden patch of fresh snow and an out-of-control pickup truck swerving wildly towards me, in my lane, with no shoulder to go to and another car coming in the other lane. At the last moment I managed a quick, tight weave between the two vehicles. In the rearview mirror I saw that they both came to rest without colliding. I was still shaking 5 hrs later when I reached my destination for the day.

April26 1
My next segment takes me to Prince Rupert later today, where I catch the overnight ferry to Haida Gwaii. I did not book a cabin, so I’ll be bunking in the main passenger lounge. Last time I sailed to Haida Gwaii, in 2006, I did take a cabin, but didn’t sleep all night because I kept thinking “what if something happens to the boat?”  That was the Queen of the North, which sank the following night. It was more than a little bit eerie.

I’ve managed to keep all my driving to daylight hours, and spend my evenings on the computer and phone with various logistics for the upcoming weeks as well as pulling together a tour in Ireland for November! (Thank you Sandy Blackley​ for all your help!) Evenings I also get to putter about with my improvised Travel Kitchen In a Bag.  My preferred meal lately is microwaved peppers, tomatoes, onions and garlic topped with olives and cheese or canned fish. Delicious, with leftovers for breakfast and lunch. Happily, I am not tiring of it. Tonight, wonderwoman Dawn Quast​ is feeding me supper in Prince Rupert, and while in Haida Gwaii I will visit my friend and sister-in-spirit, the lovely Haida storyteller  Roberta Kungjudday Kennedy​.

Now it’s time to check out of the hotel before they ding me for an extra night.

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