With a few days off, Masako takes me to Kyoto. Last time I was here, she showed me some of the major sights there, but I was overwhelmed by the crowds and had a hard time taking in the beauty around me. Masako is a determined if endlessly smiling soul. She wants me back to know the beauty of Kyoto. She’s booked us a room in a 12th century Temple Inn. It’s tucked into a residential area, 10 minutes’ walk from the centre of the busy tourist centre. The accommodations are basic (just a few steps above camping), clean, and it is unbelievably quiet. Our tatami room is just off the temple garden, facing the meditation hall. Early in the morning we sit in meditation with one of the monks, then eat breakfast with the other travellers (Japan, Ethiopia, France, Canada.) Masako has succeeded: I love Kyoto.